Centers in Kerala

    State Head Quarters At Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram

The Pravasi Malayalee Development Society began to function from December 7, 2003 with its Headquarters at the Building to the eastern side of Mission Hospital, P.B.No. 24, Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram. This great venture was formally inaugurated by Sri. M.M. Hassan, the Hon'ble Minister for Parliamentary Affairs at a function presided over by the Hon'ble MLA Sri. M.A. Vaheed.

  Activities in Alappuzha Dist. With headquarters at Kayamkulam was inaugurated by the Chief Priest of
  Chakkulathu Kavu Devi temple Brahmasree Radhakrishnan Namboodiri

Alappuzha, known as the Venice of the east, is today a cemetery of commerce and industry. Unemployment has become very acute as Alappuzha lost its old glory. It was a great relief to the thousands of educated youth when the gulf countries opened its doors before these youth. Thousands of natives in Alappuzha district are now working in the Gulf countries and other foreign countries. The situation in Alappuzha district was such that no remedy could be found to various problems of the Pravasi Malayalees and their dependants.

It was in this contest the society decided to start its operations at Kayamkulam in the district. As a part of these activities started at the Kamala Hall on the Kayamkulam - Punalur Road, the office Bureau for the society publications was inaugurated by the Chief Priest of Chakkulathu Kavu Devi temple Brahmasree Radhakrishnan Namboodiri in the esteemed presence of hundreds of Pravasees and other well - wishers. Dr. Chandrika Devi, Municipal Chairperson, Kayamkulam presided. Sri. R. Rajan Edayadi, Secretary of the society welcomed the gathering. The first sale of the first edition of the magazine "The voice of Malayalam" was inaugurated by selling a copy to Sri. Sagar Thomas by the President of the State Pravasi Malayalee council, Sri. Koshi Thomas. Messrs. V.S. Nair, Nazar Chittumala, Kandesseril Vijayan, Advocate R. Padmakumar, Advocate C.R. Jayaprakash, Kattanam Sajikumar also spoke on the occasion.

  Working of the society based at Kilimanoor in Thiruvananthapuram district inaugurated by the
  hon'ble MLA Sri. N. Rajan

Some friends among the Pravasi Malayalees were of the opinion that the working of the society based at Kazhakuttoom be extended to the eastern region of the Chirayinkil Taluk. It was because of this, the decision was taken to start its working at the Kilimanoor region. It began working on the Pappala MC Road. The hon'ble MLA Sri. N. Rajan inaugurated the working of the society on Sunday the 4th May 2004 in the presence of hundreds of the Pravasi Malayalees.

Sri. Vasudevan Pillai, Director Board Member of the Kilimanoor Agricultural Development Bank presided. At his inaugural address, Sri. N. Rajan MLA pointed out that the services rendered by the Pravasi Malayalee Development Society to the Pravasi Malayalees are praiseworthy and commendable.

Sri. N. Ramachandran, Director Board Member of the Pazhayakunnummel Service Co-operative Bank; Advocate M. Sivaprasad, the renowned advocate in Attingal, and Sri. Jose K. Kokkad offered felicitations. Sri. Rajan Edayadi, secretary of the society spoke on the working of the society.

  Services based in Pathanamthitta district was inaugurated by Smt. Maleth Sarala Devi MLA

The working of the society in the Pathanamthitta district has been very efficient. We proudly remember that the society could solve to a great extend various problems faced by the Pravasi Malayalees and their dependants. It was only after conducting a detailed enquiry about the working of the society that Smt. Maleth Sarala Devi agreed to inaugurate the working of the office. The renowned persons present at the inaugural meeting said that the Pravasi Malayalee Development Society, the activities and services of which are always reported by the media, needs no introduction. At this meeting presided over by Sri. V.R. Unnikrishnan, the hon'ble President of Aranmula Grama Panchayat, Sri. Kannenkara Sasi, President of the Service Co-operative Bank; Sri. Prasad, Member of the Grama Panchayat and Sri. K.K. Sivanandan also spoke.

  Activities based in Kollam district was inaugurated by Smt. Santhamma by lighting the ceremonial lamp

The Gulf money created much changes in the beginning in this historically famous district of Kollam. But today, with the passage of time, we see the long line of the Pravasees returning together from the gulf. Here the Pravasi Malayalees experience various kinds of difficulties and problems. Their rehabilitation and the education of their children remain as hard problems. There are hundreds of jobless Pravasi Malayalees here. The Society started its functions in Kollam district with the sole aim of helping these grieved Pravasi friends. The working of the society in the heart of Kollam- Rameswaran Nagar-was inaugurated on August 20, 2004 by Smt. Santhamma of Kallampally Madom by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Sri. Rajan Edayadi, Secretary of the society, Smt. Suja Jacob C, Vice-President of the society attended the inaugural function.

  Services and activities based at Ponkunnam, Kanjirapally, Kottayam District was inaugurated by
  Sri. Satheesh Chandran, ex- President of Chirakkadavu Grama Panchayat.

The inauguration of the services of the Society at Kanjirappally in Kottayam Dist. was on August 22, 2004. It was blessed by the presence of a lot of Pravasi Malayalees. These Pravasees were eagerly waiting for the presence of the society in Kanjirappally. It was a new experience for the people as the function was attended by a large gathering of people even though it was not backed by any political or religious organization.

The inaugural meeting was at the Govt. High School, Ponkunnam. At first the society began to function at the Ajantha Press Building, Ponkunnam, but later it was shifted to and continued its function from the shopping complex of the Ponkunnam Grama Panchayat.

At the meeting, financial assistance was given to the children of Sri. Ismail who had died in the Gulf. The inauguration of these services was by Sri. Satheesh Chandran, Ex-President of Chirakkadavu Grama Panchayath and that of the public making was by Advocate Sri. Girish S. Nair, President, Vazhoor Block Panchayath.

It was Sri. Sasi Kuzhimattom, a Pravasi, who presided. Sri. R. Rajan Edayadi, Secretary of the society spoke about the various activities and services of the society. Smt. Suja Jacob C, Vice President of the Society was also present. Felicitations were offered by Sri. V.G. Lal, President, Chirakkadavu Grama Panchayath; Advocate C.R. Sreekumar, Chairman of the Development Standing Committee; Sri. V.R. Madhukumar, Member of Vazhoor Block Panchayat and Sri. M.S. Mohanan, Member of N.S.S. Director Board.

  Services and activities based at Kumaranalloor, Kottayam District was inaugurated by Sri. T.C. Roy,
  President of the Grama Panchayat.

Kottayam Districts has contributed the most to the cultural renaissance of Kerala. There are a large number of Pravasi Malayalees, their family members and dependants in Kottayam which is ahead in the political and cultural fields. In Kottayam Dist., the services of the society are based at Kumaranalloor and Ponkunnam. The inauguration of the services at Kumaranalloor was on October 5, 2004. It was Sri. T.C. Roy, the hon'ble President of the Grama Panchayat who inaugurated the function by lighting the ceremonial lamp. It was presided over by Professor Chandra Mohanan, Ward member. Sri. R. Rajan Edayadi spoke in detail about the various services and activities of the society. Smt. Suja Jacob C also attended the function. The President of the Grama Panchayat gave away financial assistance under various schemes of the society. Sri. G. Sivadasan, field Executive of the society offered vote of thanks. Financial assistance for the widows was given to Eliamma Zacharia Vakathanam, Vijayalekshmi of Changanacherry; and old age financial assistance to M.G. Chellamony and K. Subrahmony Asari.

  Inauguration of the Services and activities based at Aryanad in Trivandrum District was by the
  hon'ble Ex- Minister Sri. G. Karthikeyan, Aryanad MLA

Aryanad was once a land of many agricultural products. It was a land where people lived by cultivating pepper and other crops and selling them in the markets. With the days gone by, Aryanad lost this way of living. Thus many emigrated to the desert countries. The Pravasi Malayalee Development Society extended its services to Aryanad when it found their grief and suffering. It was inaugurated formally by the hon'ble member of the Legislative Assembly and Ex-Minister Sri. G. Karthikeyan on November 3, 2004 in the esteemed presence of several Pravasees and a large gathering of people in the heart of Aryanad at Palam Jn. This great function which was attended by the eminent citizens belonging to the three-tier Panchayat system, was a new experience to the Aryanad people.

Financial assistance for the old aged and the widows was given to the deserving at the inaugural meeting. Financial assistance was also given to A. Rahim who became paralyzed below his hip in an accident in the Gulf. The plates and vessels given by the society for the poor children at the Marangad-Kannankkara Lower Primary school for taking their lunch was handed over to the concerned. The raw materials for the 'Kaithiri Units' of the society, which are for providing jobs to the women in the Pravasi families, were also distributed. The people welcomed and appreciated these charitable services of the society. In his inaugural address, Sri. G. Karthikeyan remarked that the services of the society are very notable among the many organizations in Kerala working for the welfare of the Pravasi Malayalees. At the end of his speech, he praised and blessed the society for its services without collecting any money and without any profit motivation at a time when there are several organizations cheating the Gulf Malayalees of their hard earned money.

At the inaugural meeting presided over by Sri. V. Bijumon, President of Aryanad Grama Panchayat, Smt. A.C. Kala, President of Vellanad Block Panchayat; Smt. S. Jayamol, Member of the District Panchayat; Messrs. V. Shajimon and K. Sasidharan, Members of the Block Panchayat and Sri. C. Sreekantan Nair, President of the Aryanad Service co-operative Bank spoke. Sri. R. Rajan Edayadi detailed the working of the society Smt. Suja Jacob C. attended the meeting. Financial assistance was received by M. Shamsudeen, Ponnumony and Aliyaru kunju under the five-year financial assistance scheme and by Sarjanath Beevi, the widow of Abdul Jabbar under the scheme of financial assistance for the widows.

  Services based at Malappuram was inaugurated by the Special Branch Dy.S.P. Sri. T.P. Mohan Das

Malabar- a land of many patriots who became martyors in their fight against the dictatorial rule of the foreigners. It was from the Malabar region began the flow of people to the Gulf Countries in search of jobs. The Pravasi Malayalee Development Society began its activities and services in Malabar to cafter to the various needs of those returned home from the Gulf countries and the family members and dependants of those working in the Gulf Countries.

The inauguration of the working of the society at Nilambur in the Malappuram district was by Sri. T.P. Mohan Das, Dy. S.P., Malappuram special Branch. At the inaugural meeting presided over by Sri. P.V. Hamsa, Member of Nilambur Grama Panchayat, Sri. Mujeeb Devasseri, President, Congress Block Committee; Sri. Premnath, Mandalam Treasurer of BJP etc. spoke. Sri. R. Rajan Edayadi, Secretary of the society and Smt. Suja Jacob C, Vice-President of the Society attended the meeting. At the meeting, financial assistance for the widows, financial assistance for Medical Treatment and for study materials for the children of the Pravasees were distributed.

Several problems of the Pravasees have been taken up and are being attended to. Financial assistance under the scheme of Financial Assistance for the widows was given to Subaida P. Erumamunda, Emminu Thiruvali, Suharabi Thrikklangod, Indira Thrikkalangod, Vijayalekshmi Kuthiradom, Fatimakutty Akkaraparambu and Sulaikha Karuva.

Financial assistance for Medical Treatment was given to Khadher Palakkot, Faizal Mampad, Kidakkadam Mohammed Karulayi, Kunji Muhammed Irumbazhi, Abubaker Kuttuppara, Sainaba Karuvambram and Mohammed Edakkara; and educational assistance was given to Jasiff Thiruvali, Razeena Kalamcheri, Thajunneeza and Thaznia Nilambur.